[PSA] Firmware update available for Lancehead TE | Razer Insider

[PSA] Firmware update available for Lancehead TE

Per Razer Support:
Updated firmware available for Razer Lancehead TE.

Razer has released a firmware update for the Razer Lancehead TE that addresses intermittent issues with the Turbo Speed assignments within Synapse and other intermittent issues when using the Lancehead TE in a non-Synapse environment.

Please click here for complete instruction on how to download and install the firmware to your Razer Lancehead.

I didn't even know there was a firmware update available until I had a cursory look on the support page based on another post here about new firmware for the standard Lancehead. It's surprising that the updater in Razer Central doesn't look for device firmware updates and download them when available.

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