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Razer Atheris Mercury White Edition

  • 25 October 2019
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I must say I love the way the Mercury Edition of the Atheris mouse looks with my "Shadow Black" paint on my laptop (its an HP OMEN X Series laptop)

I got this mouse as a reward from my dad/father for helping him get a couple older laptops ready to resell recently. I have shown photos to various folks that I know and they just love it!

I wish Razer would make everything available in Mercury White because its such a pretty color and adds a nice accent to any gaming rig/setup! Also they need to make them available at retailers too, since for the most part you can only get their stuff in Black at their authorized retailers in person. I honestly get tired of seeing gaming periphials only come in standard black, its been this way for too many years and gets old fast so keep it up and add more to the Mercury Collection, Razer! They are a welcome addition to my collection :)

I recommend that you use 2X AA Ultimate Lithium Batteries on the Atheris and if you indeed use them, its approximate weight is roughly around 95 grams (3.3oz typical) w/ this kind. Also, other batteries types will put you at the 4oz weight spot or so.

I did some more research trying to find an even lighter wireless gaming mouse that weighs less than the Atheris @ 95 grams with Lithium batteries and found that the Atheris weighing @ 95 grams w/ 2x AA Lithium batteries is still the lightest "pure battery powered" wireless mouse available on the market considering that the others I saw weigh in around 110 grams or higher with 2x AA batteries. So YAY for the Atheris @ 95gram with Lithium batteries! :cool_::rolleyes:

Update: Added 2 Photos of the Razer Atheris Mercury Edition @ https://1drv.ms/u/s!At5qnd4dbR96g_dHe76dU8zb4G2h1A?e=F3v9B0 (and yes that's me holding the oh so pretty White Atheris!)

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