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Razer Basilisk Ultimate is ruining my frames per second

  • 10 September 2020
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I recently got the razer basilisk ultimate and have realised while playing it a significant drop in FPS in valorant, at first I thought it was the higher polling rate which was messing with my cpu, so I changed that from 1000 to 125, which did alleviate some of my lag, but I sill noticed I was only getting about 30fps, I usually get about 120, when I unplug my basilisk and put in my old mouse, my fps returns to normal. Does anyone have a fix for this issue?

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2 Replies

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I've heard of this happening with some other game titles in the past too from Razer mice on older versions of Windows. Reducing the polling rate to 500hz or lower usually solved it for the most part..

Maybe you need firmware update directly done to the mouse to fix this? Only thing I can think of right now
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What computer do you have (specs). Did you have installed newest GPU drivers?
Last time, that I've issued lag on 1000Hz was on Pentium 4 CPU era 😮