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Razer Basilisk Ultimate - Scrolling Issues

  • 6 October 2022
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Hello, I've a problem with my mouse. Whenever I scroll down or up, its scrolling a little bit in the opposite direction. When I scroll for example full up and keep scrolling up, its permanently going a little bit down and then up again. When I use the mouse after a break its more extreme. When Im actively using the mouse its little bit less happening but still. I tried already to blow with a compressed air cane and reinstall tribers, also closed all razer apps. This is happening with cable also wireless.

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Yea mine would do the same. Only a few months past warranty. I didn't want to heat gun tear down as I don't want the hassle of regluing the bottom pads. So, I tried everything else on the internet's first few pages. On separate occasions over a week or two and at many angles I gassed it in every opening. Supplemented it with percussive maintenance. I tested different software configs and computer systems. I was getting increasingly desperate. I mean my back up is another e-waste/razer mouse product that failed right at warranty, what do I got to lose. I decided enough, this mouse will break before I do. I had to go a bit more extreme. I ate the proverbial tide pod. 1 dash of WD-40 fixed it, at the cost of its middle mouse button functionality 😞 MAD
Although the scroll is smoother, quieter, and more responsive then ever I am going to tear it down anyways.
It's probably a belly button hair covering some scroll sensor that the WD-40 cleared away while at the same time actually damaging something. This whole issue reminded me of my old MX. The best scroll and makes the Basilisk feel cheap like a MadCatz controller version of an Xbox or PS controller. Check your warranty before you fix yourself. You have 2 years. While writing this I remembered why I never threw away my first mouse, the late Performance MX. Think I'm going to try to get that working instead while I wait for the new model to arrive. I'll tear down this basilisk for fun if I can't find a dongle. I'll update this post if I find what caused the scroll issue or how I borked it.
PS The l0gitech performance MX price on amazon *chef's kiss. Discontinued and only 1 left in stock. SO tempted, would if I didn't have one already.