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Razer Basilisk v2 scroll wheel click not registering properly

  • 11 March 2023
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As per the title, for some reason when i use the middle button on my mouse and click it in, my PC is no longer registering the input properly, and this started happening a few months ago but have just been living with it. I have tried removing the device from my PC completely, as far as uninstallation and such, as well as reinstalling the software and drivers, and just have no idea what is going on. I did also try with and without Synapse just to see if it made a difference. The programmable side button had stopped working for a little bit as well, but just recently i noticed i was able to use it again so im not sure if that means my mouse is having a defective issue or what. Has anyone ever experiences this and found a fix? it is less than a year old so i should just use the warranty on it, but would like to make sure it is for sure not just something on my end. I also am running Windows 10, have tried in every game i have and used the mouse on my PS5 with MW2 and had the same issues. 


i have gone to this site https://www.onlinemictest.com/mouse-test/ and found that if i click really hard in on the scroll wheel, it will register, and i have to then firmly press solid on the center of the wheel to get it to click. it was not like this before, so i think that there is still some sort of issue with it

9 Replies

Exact same issue here. It feels like a software problem, even with the “pressing hard on the scroll” thing. If I change to other usb ports or bluetooth mode, I get different sets of unworking buttons for a while, sometimes the scroll click comes back for a few seconds, then the left click goes, etc. But it always goes back to just the scroll click that wont work.

Also getting same issue, sometimes the single downscroll lags and sometimes it doesnt register.

Same issue. Pressing hard for a long time and I’ve had enough. 

Same exact issue and it just started happening seemingly at random.  All of a sudden I couldn’t ping in The Finals.  Found this thread and tried clicking really hard on the mouse test and I can see it register.  


Has anyone found a solution aside from changing devices?  I’m ready to throw this in the dust bin and go with a different vendor.

Same issue, it’s unacceptable at this price

same issue here. difference is I'm on the v3 model. you’d think they’d fix the issue on their newer models. i believe the only fix other than returning under warranty is by replacing the sensors/button, and to do so, make sure you have replacement skates because they need to be removed.


I created a razer insider account just to type this lol. I was having the exact same issue. I even fully disassembled the mouse to clean it and nothing worked….Until Today! 

I did a firmware update on my mouse and it's fixed! 

Try downloading the razwe firmware updater and updating yours. Please report back with results! 



I used this link to download the new firmware… didnt work… still have to press the middle click with extra force for it to work.

Yeah I have the problem too, sometimes it works sometimes it clicks double and sometimes it just ignores the press. Been playing allot of Total War recently and the middle button is to move the camera and it is annoying when it don’t work.
Was going to the store and see if I can get something on the warranty but could not find my receipt. 

I will try the firmware update but don’t know how that would fix it. If this is the quality I might have to change to a different brand.