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Razer Firefly V2 mousemat tracking issues on my Razer Mice

  • 12 March 2021
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I have both the Razer Mamba and Lancehead TE, I bought the Firefly V2 mousemat to go with my RGB setup more than anything and to have a decent mousemat, worst decision I ever made!

I have tracking issues on both my Razer mice when using the mousemat, if I try and do any precise movements there is no guessing where the curser may go, it is awful. If I put the mice on to any other surface then they work absolutely perfectly, go figure!

My Mamba I have been using for a while so I decided to unbox my Lancehead TE that I had never used and try that, and I experience the exact same issue. The mousemat has been setup through Synapse multiple times, and configured and I have already had the mousemat replaced once by Razer.

Tech support are now asking me to send the mousemat back to them again so they can test it and replace it again rather than giving me a refund so that I can get a different mousemat.

Both of my mice are a few years old, although the Lancehead is brand new out of the box as I never opened it when I purchased it previously.

I believe there is a compatibility issue between my mice which are a few years old and the surface of the mousemat and want to get refund to buy a different mat - Anyone else experienced the same issue, any tips?


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Fortunately, there's an easy fix for your issue, and though I am not at my primary workstation with the firefly v2 at the moment, so I might not have all the details, your issue is that your mouse needs to be calibrated for the distance 'between the mouse and the mousepad' or something like that. There's a setting in Synapse 3, under Mouse and then some advanced configuration button (maybe) or a menu item, but it's there. Set the distance higher or lower and see how it affects your mouse performance.
I had this same issue and it took some digging through settings to find the answer but this should do it.
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As @crazyskills said - try to calibrate it from Synapse - there's already calibration profile for Firefly V2, so just select it, and check if it helps.
Hi, I did try raising and lowering the pickup distance through synapse unfortunately it made no difference at all.

I tried a whole host of options through synapse and suggestions from technical support but nothing rectified the issue.

I've since had a refund and switched it out for another mousemat as we couldn't find any solution, and everything is working fine now.

Thanks for your replies though! 🙂