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Razer Imperator Question

I'm hoping to learn more here.

  • What is the "status" of the Imperator shell design? Because Finalmouse essentially used this shell for their Classic Ergo. Did Razer not apply for patent or the patent expired? Or they sold the design?
  • It's a very polarizing design - some users hate it because the grip it forces upon the user is uncomfortable (at best). I am in the other camp: I love it. Are there any plans for maybe... market research? To try and determine if there would be demand for a revamped Imperator?

    • I know only from the prospective of CSGO where the OG Finalmouse (and then Classic Ergo 2) enjoyed a lot of popularity.

TL;DR: Imperator design enjoyed success under the finalmouse brand and I hope one day Razer will relaunch the mouse.

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