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Razer Mamba Elite autoscroll disabled when I installed Synapse (fixed)

  • 21 October 2020
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"I have Razer Mamba TE and plugged it in before installing Synapse. There was a feature where the side scroll click would auto scroll the page in the given direction of the click. Basically scrolling without using the scroll wheel itself, If i click the side scroll left it would go down. And if i click the side scroll right it would go up. If i held the side scroll in whichever direction the page would continue to scroll smoothly. But after installing synapse that function was removed. I wants that function back and it doesn't appear to be part of the synapse software.
Is there something I am missing or is that no longer an accessible option now that synapse is installed? Any help would be appreciated"

RaFaDox, Dec 21, 2016

I had basically given up on this feature when I randomly remembered how convenient it was tinkering with my lights. I was about to try factory resetting my mouse by holding down the profile button for 10 seconds (on the underside of the mouse) but when I clicked it I changed profiles. Turns out this other profile I have still has the feature! I'm really glad I found this after a year or so without it, and if anyone else still has this unresolved I hope this post finds you well and it helps!
P.S. Tagging macros because I looked for this in those forums as well.

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