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Razer Mamba Wireless - Synapse changes


for the beginning, I have to say, that Mamba wireless mouse is really cool, but FW and SW have some gaps to improve.

Firstly, I had a huge problem with disconnecting after few seconds of inactivity, but it was solved with latest FW.

But latest version of Synapse has some gaps to improve for that mouse.

Considering to the fact, that it's wireless RGB model, there should be early notifications about low battery status, and also for full battery charge.

Actual settings are:
Low battery status - scrolling button starts blinking by red colour under 5% of battery life - I think, it's critically low, it should starts blinking around 10% at latest, or the best solution will be to add option to change it directly in Synapse app.
Full battery charge - no notifications about that - I think the scrolling button should starts blinking by green colour

Do you agree with my opinions? If yes, please vote!

Thank you in advance.

Do you agree?

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