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Razer Mouse with 8000hz polling rate

  • 15 October 2023
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So, I have a Razer Basilisk V3. I love the shape and most of the buttons for the mouse; I wish there was more of a visual display color on the top of the mouse when I switched DPI on the fly. Can I set up my colors so that it does that on top? But I digress there.

I have several questions all revolving around mice and polling rates. I am including numbers for my questions below to make it easier for you to help me.

I prefer wired mice, but I have not been able to find a mouse (of any brand) that I like which has 8000hz polling rate. I know Razer makes the Viper, but the mouse is not right-handed, it is ambidextrous and I found that troublesome when trying to use it. Perhaps I would need to give it time to adjust?

1). I disabled the buttons on the right handed side of the mouse, but I still couldn’t get used to it. Should I give it more of a chance? 

2). I read the Razer HyperPolling Wireless Dongle allows mice to get a higher polling rate; however are the mice it works with limited to being wireless? Is one able to use a wired mouse with it even if they need to buy another adapter for the dongle? A wired mouse cannot work with the Razer HyperPolling Wireless Dongle. Am I understanding that correctly?

If so, I would need to by a wireless mouse plus the dongle.

Ideally what I want is a mouse with the shape of the Basilisk V3, but has a polling rate available greater than 1000. 2000, 4000, or 8000hz would work for me.

I do not see any Basilisk model that has that high of a polling rate. If I wanted it, then I would need to Buy a wireless and use the dongle, correct?

3.) I’d like a list or suggestions of wired gaming mice from Razer that have a polling rate above 1000hz. I don’t know why, but that info is often left out of specs on this site and many other sites. Can someone suggest any mice like that if they exist? You can share both wired and wireless mice as well as brands that are not Razer, but since this is a Razer forum, I will ask for Razer first.

4.) Additionally, What is the “best” mouse that Razer offers currently? Which family and model would you say that is?


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Yes, you can set individual color for each DPI setting, but it requires some “workaround” - you need to create a new profile for each DPI setting - for eg. 800 DPI with RED Chroma color, next profile for eg 1600 DPI with blue and so on.

Wired only mouses are not compatible with HyperPolling wireless dongle… as the name say it’s wireless. Hyperpolling Wireless dongle is up to 4kHz. And yes, you need a HyperPolling dongle (buy separately or you can find on Razerstore in bundle)… or if you want to buy Basilisk V3 Pro, you can buy Razer Mouse Dock Pro which have this thing integrated.

Current wireless mouses, that support HyperPolling are: Basilisk V3 Pro, DeathAdder V3 Pro, Viper V2 Pro, Viper V3 Hyperspeed and Cobra Pro.

IMO there’s no “best” mouses that fits all, it really depends on your requirements and shape preference. For eg. for FPS games I’d highly recommend Viper series. If you want some more versatile/universal  -  go with DeathAdder V3 Pro. For MMO and high comfort Basilisk V3 Pro.


If the Gen 2 optical switch is up to 8000hz, why in the Basilisk it only gives 1000hz but with 0.2ms response? shouldn't it be 5000hz or, if rounded from 0.125ms, 8000hz?

I agree with my friend who mentions that he would prefer a wired Basilisk v3 with 8000hz, I wanted to Buy the Basilisk v3 but the reason The reason I refrained from buying it was that no matter how much 0.2ms response it has or 2nd generation optical switches, it only has 1khz and that destroys my heart, I would love an update of firmware for mice with gen-2 optical switches, since it could give a second life to mice of that range, I mention it because it is unfair that a mouse with the same switches has more Hz but as my friend mentions, it is not as nice as a Basilisk, so textured, so well built,a pleasant and comfortable feeling that is affected with "1000hz" in the performance section in Razer Synapse, I seriously wanted to use a camade/bungee with the Basilisk v3 waiting for those but I don't think I can buy the dongle and the v3 pro with my wallet, it doesn't allow me, and I'm not going to buy a viper because it's not the same, my Huntsman V2 TKL Keyboard has 8000hz and I wanted to pair it with other razer products, razer bungee v3 chroma, some razer headphones, a Razer sphex or Goliath 3xl, and a little more that would allow me, but knowing that the Basilisk v3 does not have 8000hz with second generation optical switches, I am not sure if I would do it since it is not my gaming style to play with wireless, I have the latent and paranoid feeling that even though it has 90 hours of battery life, it could run out at any moment or run laggy on low battery, and I wouldn't like to play Geometry Dash with a wireless