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Razer Naga Pro - Macbook incompatibility

  • 19 August 2021
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I have had to send my Razer blade 15 away for repairs due to faulty GPU. In the meantime I am reverting to a macbook pro for gaming.

Synapse 3 is unavailable on macbook, but despite this the Naga Pro still somewhat works.

I am however having some difficulty with the Naga Pro when using the keys in conjunction with other keys whilst gaming. I am using the 1-12 side panel on the Naga Pro, hence my keybinds on my blade are 1-12, shift 1-12 and ctrl 1-12. For whatever reason when trying to press the 1-12 in conjunction with shift / ctrl, it simply just gives the 1-12 command.

An example of the above is, the number 12 key is keybound to = on my keyboard, so pressing shift and = should give a + sign, but instead is just gives = like it does not recognise the shift.

Any pointers on this issue?

Note, game I am currently playing is World of Warcraft.

Thanks in advance,


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