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Razer Pro Click - Template for grip tape?

  • 6 September 2020
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Hi Everyone,

Bought the Pro Click to see if it would help with ergonomics and wrist pain. Wanted to add some grip tape, but having issues with creating a template due to the curvature of the mouse. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

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2 Replies

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Hmmm I got that mouse too and the mouse feels fine on my hands but I also don't sweat a lot either like some users do. I also bought it for the same reasons as you mostly since ergonomics is a huge deal when using computer gear, everything needs to be comfortable to use for at least a few hours here n there or I won't like it.

I would probably start by making it for the primary buttons and then go from there to see how that feels since the side grips feel pretty solid already.

Thanks for the reply, but wanted to see if someone can get a really accurate template made, like I said, Im not too good at it so far and wanted something that will last and look halfway decent!