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Razer Synapse keeps turning on and off by itself

  • 25 April 2020
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So my mouse started to make the plug in and plug out noise i went to check but nothing is wrong so once i looked and i saw razer synapse openning and then he closed that is making my mouse stop and as you could imagine that is kinda bad during gaming .
If anyone can hhelp i'd be apreciated thanks

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4 Replies

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If you hear OS peripheral connect/disconnect sound it could be also damaged cable. Synapse has nothing to do with the connect/disconnect sound (until it's installing a mouse driver - so it can happen).
If i close the razer synapse it just stop happening so it probably isn't that
I am having this issue as well...support is always telling me to just reinstall everything....getting sick of it.

Reinstalling it does not help
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Do a "deep clean" - uninstall synapse, remove ALL Razer devices (with drivers) from device manager in OS, use a CCleaner to cleanup your PC, and select to cleanup windows registry. After reboot install synapse again.

Also there should be some events in event viewer when Synapse is crashing.