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Razer Viper Mini Scroll Wheel not Scrolling down

  • 1 February 2021
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I have had my Razer Viper Mini for about a month now and I have had no problems with it until I unplugged it from my gaming PC to use in my school laptop. When I plug it into my laptop the scroll wheel would work scrolling up the page but when I scrolled down it wouldn't work. It would scroll down and up just won't register scrolling down. I would greatly appreciate if anybody could help me.

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8 Replies

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Does your school laptop have fully updated Windows? and Synapse 3.0 installed?

RAZER peripherals and buttons only work properly with Synapse 3.0 application. Why Windows update is important, is because it has the rights to allow updated Synapse 3.0 to work.

It could be a hardware issue, plug the mouse back to gaming pc and see if scroll wheel still works

This way we can narrow down software and hardware issue
my school laptop is a Chromebook and the school won't allow anything to be downloaded onto it. I have used my mouse with it before it was just this time it didn't work.
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Ahhhh, chromebook
RAZER enthusiasts will advise that modern RAZER peripherals only work properly as long as Synapse 3.0 is installed.

This is the far extent of my RAZER to chromebook support
is there a way to get synapse on a Chromebook?
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At the moment Synapse 3.0 is only available for Windows
If your school can allow Windows OS on your Chromebook, by allowing you to try out the following references

Alternative, if you are still after a RAZER mouse, is to use a mouse that has an onboard memory profile.
The peripherals that interact with Synapse 2.0, which does not require Synapse application.
does the razer viper mini have a memory. if so then I know what is wrong
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because viper series work via Synapse 3.0, it does come with an onboard memory
i know whats wrong thank you