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Razer viper ultimate help and questions

  • 13 December 2020
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Hey guys

I have a few questions about my razer viper ultimate, first is it normal to have wobble on the lmb and rmb, second is it normal for the lmb click to sound different than the right mouse click, third when I shake the mouse it makes a clacking noise are any of these normal?

Thanks, sorry for asking so many questions haha

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2 Replies

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Mine is wobbling too - I think it's because of the main buttons design.
I don't hear any difference between LMB and RMB in mine unit.
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My basilisk also wobbles too, that is because the lmb and rmb are not part of the main base of the mouse, but just a separate attachment on to the whole of the mouse.

As per attached, Viper vs Naga, Naga buttons are part of the main base of the mouse so it does not wobble

I would say it is normal for lmb and rmb to sound different. As long as the feeling of press is good for playing games or for work, the sound of click is not essential. It just sounds good.

Mouse works with mechanical parts inside, just like the old ball mouse as per attached. You shake it, the ball keeps rocking like mad

The clanking noise might be the mechanical component of the middle button (wheel) or lmb or rmb because the buttons are separate attachments on to the whole.
When I shake my basilisk while I put some gentle weight to hold my lmb and rmb still, it stops making clanking noise.