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Razer Viper V2 Pro doubleclicking Issue (since 10 years a issue at Razer)

  • 20 March 2023
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Hello everyone,I would like to explain my problem to you and that is actually, if you look at it from the point of view of time, extreme or actually not justifiable on the part of Razer. Here's the thing: 10 years ago I tested Razer mice and kept sending them back for the reason I'll tell you in a moment. 10 years later, the same problem still exists and the mouse costs 160€. That can not be …
So. I hold my mouse in the palm grip, but with Razer mice due to the shape, my index finger, which I use to press the left mouse button, protrudes 2cm beyond the button. Means if I press the left mouse button, then I press it at the very front on the edge. Since Razer mice have relatively long mouse buttons and the switch sits in the middle, it doesn't recognize every keystroke I make. When I play CSGO and give 20 mouse clicks with the Glock, the mouse stops shooting at least once for 1-2 seconds. The switch doesn't register my mouse click on the front edge of the mouse button. I actually only have that with Razer mice, not with any other mouse. When I try to make 1 tap with the AK-47, it sometimes happens that the mouse button just gets stuck and the AK suddenly shoots up 7-9 times the button releases again. I mean... WTF??? 160€ and the switch doesn't recognize every keystroke I make?! I made a video of it where you can even hear it from the noise of the switch, you can just hear it choking on the mouse button or not registering every click. When I press all the way forward like I hold the mouse and play. If I then press the button in the middle directly on the switch, then everything is 100% perfect as it should be.


I've sent the mouse back to Amazon 3 times and got a new one 3 times because I thought okay, shit happens maybe an out of the box problem, let's try another one. But the problem is and remains the same and has been for 10 years
has anyone had similar experiences? Can you perhaps test this with your Viper V2 Pro and quickly press the left mouse button on the front edge and see whether your switch chokes there and doesn't notice every click? I despair ... because technically I like the mouse extremely well and the shape is a dream etc. But this problem is making me really sad right now …



Thanks everyone!

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