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Razer viper v2 pro scroll wheel problem

  • 1 September 2023
  • 2 replies

when i scroll wheel up or down my scroll stops or dosen t work how do i fix it when i reset builds in fn with scroll wheel it stops

2 Replies

not a solution, But I also experienced an issue with the scroll wheel on my Viper V2 Pro (it jumps , and kinda stutters.. like , when I want to scroll down fast , sometimes it bugs and doesnt scroll down or scroll down then goes up a bit then goes down)

Hi! i had some problem with v2 pro twice. It is very popular problem with razer mouses, edfective encoder. Its crap Razer mouses, i got my money back after that.  You can try this for fix:

  1. Blow with compressed air into the mouse, near the wheels.
  2. Try to turn up mouse and fast move mouse wheel forward and back with force on the table.

It could be fixed that problem for some time, but defective still waiting for return.

Get your money back, if you can and buy another mouse