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Searching for Copperhead or similar mouse

  • 29 August 2019
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Hi, everyone. I am new to the forums, but I was sent here by Razer support. I was asking them about any potential re-release of the copperhead mouse. I had a first edition that wore down all the grip and ceased to function eventually. I wish I still had one, but it seems they are now "collector's" items according to eBay where they want to charge hundreds of dollars for a new one or $50+ for a borderline mouse that looks like mine did at the end of it's life. I have felt like I've been on a quest to find a mouse like it because it was the last one I had where there was no question about it's ability or fit for me. Over the past 2 years, I've tried the following: Razer Lancehead, Razer mamba, deathadder, lancehead, abyssus + Logitech, g305, g703, g pro + HyperX Surge + Zowie ec series and fk series + steeleries sensei, 310 and others. I have used the g pro the longest, but now moved to the viper and it feels nice, but working on my best grip for it. I always think of the rubberized sides on the copperhead that double as a place for your fingertips.

I think I've learned throughout this process that I don't really care about how much dpi and would be fine with 2000. I played at 2000dpi for a long time and felt comfortable on the copperhead. I don't need 16000 dpi. It would be a fantasy to see a re-release of the coppherhead, just as it was before, no change.

Does anyone have this same feeling about the copperhead? Was anyone able to find one in the wild that is in good condition? Anyone wish they would bring it back? I saw they released the new diamondback, I tried it as well, but the laser didn't feel right.

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