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Side Scroll not working in Microsoft Excel 2013

  • 25 June 2019
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Hi there, new member looking for some help.

I have just purchased the excellent Razor Mamba Elite and I love it, it's a fantastic mouse but I have one gripe with it and unfortunately for my work it is a major gripe..... the side scroll / tilt wheel does not work in Microsoft Excel 2013. For work purposes this is a non-negotiable and I am hoping that someone else on these forums has come across this and found a resolution.

The side scroll does work in Microsoft Word and Outlook, it is just Excel and OneNote. I have tested the side scroll working in these programs with two other mice, the Gigabyte M8000X and the Roccat Kone EMP so I know there is no issue with my MS Office or Windows settings but for some reason it will not scroll with the Razor mouse.

I was due an upgrade and I hoped this mouse would be it, however if I can't resolve the side scroll I will regretfully have to send this back to the seller. Can anyone help?

Thanks very much!

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For anyone else that is looking for a solution to this problem Razer support have confirmed that side scrolling does not support Excel 2013, at least with the Razer Mamba Elite

I have managed to get around this by creating a Synapse profile specifically for Excel (see attached) where side scroll buttons are assigned to left and right arrow keys and mouse button 4 toggles scroll lock. This emulates the native Excel side scrolling which other mice can do.

It's shame that such a widely used software is not supported by Razer but I will be raising this as a feature request. As yet I have not found a solution to getting the side scroll working in Microsoft OneNote so if anyone has alternative suggestions for this I am to happy to try them out.