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Sticky Ouroboros buttons.

Hi I’m Robert, I’m 29, 5’10”, about 185 lbs, Muscular body but not extremely cut. I inherited my grandparents house a few years ago, I wasn’t sure if I was going to sell it or if I was going to keep it. I let the house sit until about a year ago. I decided to move back to my hometown after life basically slapped me in the face.

It had been several years since I’ve been back to my hometown, I didn’t know what to expect when I moved back since I really haven’t stepped foot in this town since I graduated high school. Once I arrived back at my hometown I noticed that the town really hasn’t changed much. I noticed a new water tower, a new school but everything else was the same. What did I even expect from a small town, nothing is going to change in a small town .

I got to my grandparents house, I looked around to see what I was going to have to deal with now that I was here. I didn’t know what kind of shape the house was going to be in when I got here but overall the house looked the same. I stood in the driveway looking at the house just thinking about the past, my grandparents, family getting together and everything else that could possibly come back with this property.

As I was standing there looking at the house in the driveway, I heard a group of girls giggling. I start looking around and I see a group of girls standing back on the road, looking at me and giggling into their hands covering their mouths like a group of school girls. At this point I smile at them and wave. They all waved back and started to walk away giggling. I was thinking to myself that was weird, and went back to looking at the house.

After a week of me being back at my grandparents house and me feeling settled down with being back at my hometown, I decided that it was time to start cleaning up the house and the yard to make the house more like mine. Once I started to start cleaning up the house, I started with the interior of the house. I started to remove a lot of my grandparents' things and was placing them in the garage just in case any of my family wanted anything

As I was making a trip to the garage, I can see that someone was watching me from the road. I look down the driveway to see a girl standing there staring at me. At this point I wave at her and she waves back and I go back to work on what I was doing. Before I knew it I heard a female voice from behind me saying, “Hi, I’m Crystal.” I stop and turn around to see the same girl stand about 5 feet behind me. When I turned around I realized that this girl was one of the girls from the group of giggling school girls from a week ago.

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