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SYNAPSE not recognizing two charging docks

  • 10 April 2021
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Hi, I see someone else have posted about this issue, but I couldn't reply to that thread, so starting a new one. I have the samme issue. I have two razer mice charging docks connected at the same time, and Synapse can only see one of them, or see both as one. So it's not possible to configure any of them, they run their own show. Can razer please fix this issue please.

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4 Replies

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At the moment Synapse can only detect 1 of the same peripheral.
Is there a reason you want to connect and see 2 peripherals?
Hi. Yes, I want to be able to configure the devices seperately, or to sync them. As it is now the one dock runs at random, whilst one dock and both mice is synced (using chroma studio).
Sorry, let me change what I said previously. Both charging docks behaves at random regardless of what settings I try to use. Also the mice don't sync well, there is random things happening whenever. It's so poorly implemented. This is purely a synapse software issue, and I can't believe that the developers never accounted for the possibility that two docks and two mice where connected to the system. Why wouldn't people have two mice, one for production, and one for gaming? Of course most people will only have one mouse. But there are plenty of people out there that have two.
I'm bumping and seconding this. I just got a second charging dock, since I have both a Viper Ultimate and a Naga Pro. I'll place my Viper on Dock #1 and then Dock #2 will turn to the charging colors while Dock #1 cycles slowly through the rainbow. It's rather disappointing, given that I purchased the second dock separately for an extra $50. If Razer wants people to buy multiple of their wireless mice, I doubt people are going to opt to charge one at a time on a single dock. Of course people are going to want another dock to charge both of their wireless mice freely and maybe to make an aesthetic and symmetrical setup. I'm pretty shocked that Razer doesn't support two docks on their software. Quite disappointing, and I hope Razer implements support for multiple docks.