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Unable to link Nari Ultimate to Synapse

  • 18 November 2019
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For over a month i have been trying to link my Nari Ultimate with the Synapse software. I have not been successful yet.

My overal gaming experience at this moment in time is not very positive. The default EQ settings for the Nari are making it very uncomfortable to play for myself and for my teammate.

Some issues that i have:
- Echo. I, and my teammates, can hear an echo when we play. Both in Party and Game chat.
- Loud. The overal sound is so loud that my teammates hear my game sound, tv is muted, better than they hear their own. Making their gaming experience shit as well.
- Synapse. I am not able to link Synapse to my Nari in order to optimize the Eq settings.

Should you be able to help me I would very much require some advise in how to ideally set up the EQ settings in order to optimize my gaming experience.

The support from the razer team has no led to a solution. I'm getting a bit desperate tbh.

Anybody here able to help?

I play on Xbox One btw.

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I don't think the Nari Ultimate works with Xbox. Or do you have the Nari Ultimate for Xbox One?
It does. It says so on the box as well. I just can't use it without the 3.5mm jack.
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Anything that uses a 3.5mm doesn't connect to Synapse.
Anything that uses a 3.5mm doesn't connect to Synapse.

According to the marketing surrounding the product the use of synapse should be possible.
The support department has provided me with enough steps to have it connected and synched. It just doesn't work for whatever reason.

this being said. in the 1.5 months that i have had the Nari Ultimate i was able to connect to synapse twice. So i did change some of the EQ settings. It's just not standard that i can log in and amend.

Having this option as a standard is what i need help with.