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VIPER 8KHz | Absolute Control. Elevated.

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Hey guys this is my first post can u help me how to post my own
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Now that the CPI war has ended, the Hertz war starts.
I can not make this mouse exceed 5600 and I have an R5 3600 with motherboard asus crosshair vii (x470) and a 3080. I do not understand what the problem is but I have tried everything. I have upgraded to all programs like windows 10, razer synapse , motherboard drivers, mouse firmware and still the issue has not been fixed with the polling rate I do not know what else to do
Help me i need razer silver
Anyone can help ne regarding this?

Introducing the world's fastest esports gaming mouse - the Razer Viper 8KHz. Equipped with our Razer HyperPolling technology and 2nd-gen Optical Mouse Switch, giving you a true 8000Hz polling rate for 8x faster speeds and the lowest latency ever achieved in the industry. Experience Absolute Control:

Something new
I ran into the cold boot thingy too. Frimware seems to be resolve it temporarly atlest.
My problem is that my poll rate is still at 1000 even tho the setting is 8000.
It is plugged into a USB 3 port. What else should I check ?
when will other mice series hv 8k mice as well? rlly looking forward to that
Anyone having issues of mouse not being able to be detected after a cold startup? Need to unplug and plug it back for it to work. Extremely annoying I don't understand how Razer tests their firmwares. It's been thrash recently...

I have the same issue..
Im lovin' it 💓
Its much better
It is better
Can we order it in Pakistan!
It's the best
How to become a vanguard I would love to be one
Inspectiv Broken Authentication
Broken Authentication
I need rezer silver
It's a big upgrade to the old viper
Happened for the first time today, could be my MOBO tho so idk

no issues since, love this mouse
Nice and awesome happenings
Çok güzel bir kampanya
Nice for many things
Salo menga silver beringlar iltimos

Salom menga silver beringlar iltimos