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Where to buy razer naga left handed sliders/pads replacement?

Hi, one of the corners on the slider has detached itself slightly which is super annoying to use since its rubbing the mat.

I’ve tried googling for replacement sliders for my Razer Naga Left Handed but haven’t found any official sources. All I found is one seller on ebay and aliexpress, which doesn’t feel good.

Is razer not providing replacement sliders for this mouse? Do I have to buy a new mice?!

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I have a similar question - the silicone side pad came off mine and I can’t find a replacement - anyone know where these can be found?

Found something on ebay but because one of side switches started malfunctioning after two years just bought new mice. As usual Razer’s products are of poor quality/don’t last very long. Guess it makes sense not to sell the pads themselves if you need new mouse after two years.

Maybe try to make your own? Or if the mouse is old, get a new one. Just consider yourself lucky that you can still own a real Naga mouse. Right-handed customers have been given lesser products over the past few years. :-\

Razer, how about the left-handed version of the Naga for right-handed people? With the wire! :)