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Which mouse should be my next?

  • 21 May 2019
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So after having had a Death Adder Chroma for three years the middle mouse button decided to give up so I went out for a new mouse.

I'm no brand warrior, so I saw a nice sale on the Steelseries 710.grrat mouse. I really love the vibration and was really surprised by a feature I thought I wouldn't need.

But I have a problem. It doesn't fit my mably hands! It feels too narrow, which made me return to Razer cus I know the make mice that are man sized.

But what to pick? I really loved my DA, Chroma, but there was one thing I hated about it, and that was how fast I made the surface get off so the mouse became a bit uncomfortable in my hand. The size and the design is spot on though.

Death Adder seems discontinued and replaced by Mamba since that's the newest kinda model (I guess?), so should I pick that over DA Elite? Or should I pick a third option? I want a wired model. A DA Elite or a Mamba Elite, or maybe a third mouse?

Keep in mind that mamba elite costs 30% more than Death Adder Elite, if that has a say in the choice.

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2 Replies

I would recommend you the Lancehead TE, the size and the shape is way better for me than the Deathadder and the Mamba, or maybe if you would like to try out something different, the Basilisk is also comfortable.
(Yeah I have one and this is my favorite my mouse I've ever owned and boi, I had a Naga hex, a Naga Epic Chrome, Roccat Kone Pure, Steelseries Sensei, Cooler Master Mizar, and the Razer Taipan which had the best shape for my until I got my Lancehead)

Also Razer will announce the reworked Lancehead Wireless Optical in the near future, so if you want to be wireless, maybe you should wait for that. It comes with a new upgraded version of their AFT dongle so in my opinion it should worth the wait. The old dongle was also good (I use an Atheris for my notebook), but still have some room for improvements, so I hope they will fix the old version's minor issues.

I would go with the basilisk because it fits perfectly into my hands and fell quite comfortable than the deathadder in my opinion. However, if you are going for comfortable key configuration I would choose the deathadder elite