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Why my Basilisk x Hyperspeed battery suddenly runs out in a day.

  • 10 November 2023
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I’ve had this mouse for a bit over 2 years and suddenly a few days ago I noticed that my batteries started to drain super quick (1-2 days).

I am using the same batteries I have used for the past year, even from the same pack I bought months ago.

I tried buying new batteries and the battery still lasts for a day or less, this sudden change in battery life came from nothing, since I had no problems with the mouse and one day a week ago it just started draining batteries ultra fast.

Mouse didnt recieve any damage from any source just normal gaming daily use.

I dont know if its a electronic problem or what can cause a battery drain like that since I have not changed anything around what so ever.

I cant update the drivers since it requires Bluetooth connection I dont have (kinda weird I need bluetooth for that) but it wouldn’t make sense to be a drivers issue since I havent updated at any point since I bought the mouse.


Any help is appreciated.

3 Replies

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I know this may sound a bit stupid or just common sense but it may be time to just upgrade to a newer model of the mouse or a different line of mouse altogether, as it sounds like ur Basilisk X HyperSpeed mouse is showing its age big time!

So many nicer models have been released since the Basilisk X HyperSpeed came out that you can just recharge as needed!

Happening to me too. I’m frustrated and upset with Razer. LOGITECH HERE I COME!

I’m using Basilisk x Hyperspeed with NiMH battery at beginning and i found the battery run out very fast. However, everything changed after I changed to Li-ion 1.5V battery. The battery indicator shows full after using for more than a month! Give it a try! I guess this mouse is sensitive to voltage very much and 1.5V Li-ion is thus better than 1.2V NiMH.