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8K videos?

  • 8 February 2019
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Hi fellow razer fans,

I'm preparing for a project and I need to showcase the use of high capacity/high performance microSD cards.

That said I'm looking for different angles to showcase the advantages of these and of course one of these angles is the future of quality videos/photos/music on devices like smartphones/drones/cameras that use microSD cards.

In my long list of ideas, I was thinking of 8K videos, but I'm wondering if smartphones like the Razer Phone 2 is able to read them. I'm not yet a Razer Phone owner so I can't test it myself. Would a nice owner be able to test it for me or comment on my possibilities with the phone?

Watching videos like those: for example, or even a downloaded version.

Thanks to whoever can help!

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2 Replies

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Hell even my laptop with an i5 8th Gen barely plays 4K uncompressed with no issues. You probably cant find any mobile processor that can play 8K, I dont think any android player would have the support for 8K right now.
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I'm pretty sure no phone on the market right now has enough processing power to play uncomprossed8k footage at all, and if there is it won't play the video in real time