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Desktop Mode for Razor Edge

  • 13 May 2023
  • 1 reply

Could we get desktop mode enabled for the Razor Edge?  Quite a number of phones are able to do this with the version of Android that the Edge is running.  Or is there a config setting to turn it on?

I plugged in an external monitor, mouse, keyboard which all work, but I still get mobile mode

1 Reply

The ability to enable desktop mode on the Razor Edge would depend on the specific software and settings available on the device. While some phones running Android have a desktop mode feature, it's not guaranteed that the Razor Edge has the same capability or a specific configuration setting to enable it.

If you have connected an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard to the Razor Edge and it is still operating in mobile mode, it suggests that the device might not support desktop mode out of the box. In such cases, it's unlikely that a simple configuration setting would enable it.

To explore alternative options, you could consider third-party apps or launchers that provide a desktop-like experience on Android devices. These apps can offer features such as resizable windows, taskbars, and desktop-like interfaces. However, please note that the effectiveness and compatibility of these solutions may vary.

It's recommended to research and experiment with different third-party apps or launchers specifically designed for creating a desktop-like experience on Android devices. Make sure to read reviews, check compatibility with the Razor Edge, and understand the limitations and features offered by each option before installing and using them.

Keep in mind that while these solutions may enhance your experience, they may not provide a full-fledged desktop mode similar to that found on PCs or dedicated desktop operating systems.