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Music apps on Razer Phone 2?

  • 20 January 2019
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I was wondering what music apps do you guys have on razer phone 2?

and what video player apps do you guys have on Razer Phone 2 as well 😶

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7 Replies

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Personally I use Amazon music because I have prime.

As for video players VLC is a good choice for loads of options.
I use Spotify currently for music, and Google Photos for video playback, however I know there are better options
I from Sony environment for the past 10 years, not sure what to use lol
It's cool that have Dolby Atmos but no dedicated music player lol
Ive been using Spotify for years.. its one of the better streaming services out there... so thats what ive been sticking with
I'll throw out a vote for Deezer... It seems to work really well with building a music profile based on songs you like. Plus the Android Auto interface is (in my opinion) less stuttery than Spotify. But Spotify definitely has a bigger library and more exclusive stuff.
To play locally stored music I use Shuttle player. I came from Windows Phone so was at a total loss when coming over to my Razer Phone . Tried a lot of different apps and settled on shuttle which has worked out great.
I've been using Pulsar to play my local music on my RP2. I'll have to check out Shuttle and compare. I also have Spotify and as everyone knows, they don't carry everything, hence my need to want to store music locally on my device, at FLAC or 320kps quality.