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Razer Phone 2 Audio Adapter Problem

I've had my Razer 2 for about 2 months now and recently I've had a number of instances where my music stops playing randomly. I noticed that this happens mostly when the audio adapter shifts and seemingly disconnects, however when i check my notifications I have one saying "Android device is charging connected device via USB" it seems to me like my phone is recognizing the audio adapter as the charger. It has reached a point where i basically can't listen to music unless my phone is lying perfectly still and the adapter cant move. Walking around causes disconnects constantly. I haven't seen anyone else reporting a similar problem as far as i could find.

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I had same situation on my Razer phone 1 and Hammerhead USB C earphones. After it has been washed by mistake. I started using USB C to 3.5mm adapter and problem has gone in my case.
I had my Razer 2 for 10 months and it started doing this as well. I contacted Razer support but they are unsure if it's the adapter, the USB-C socket or the software. But my phone charges as normal. They advised I do a factory reset to see if it helps which I'm going to do this week and I'll let you know if it makes any difference.
Cool, I have no qualms about doing a factory reset if necessary, I just didn't want to have to send my phone back and get a new one.
Factory reset didn't work for me still having the same issue, must be the USB-C socket.
have same problem also. anyone have any solution yet?
I also have this problem at first I though it was my phone but charges perfectly fine then maybe I though the adapter might be broken or something so I bought a new one and it still happens I also have a problem where I use a portable charger and instead of charging the phone is being drained and charges the portable charger I have to power off the phone to charge it without draining maybe razer can try to find a potential fix because I really like this phone and it's sad I can't listen to music without the annoying pauses
I bought a new Razer audio adapter for Razer phone 2 it did the same thing as the that one issue to you together with the phone the audio sound give off buzzing sound, I not so sure is the hardware or the software issue...
So I've had some wireless earbuds for a while now and they work great. Honestly since there isn't a simple solution for this issue outside of sending your phone back for a new one. I would recommend getting a set of wireless earbuds if you can afford it.