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Razer Phone 2017 network lock in the UK?

  • 6 January 2019
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I just ordered a second hand Razer Phone (the first model) online that was originally provided by Three. I'm on virgin mobile so obviously they're different networks, is it possible to unlock Razer Phones or do they already come unlocked? I had my previous Galaxy S6 unlocked and that was a breeze, but I don't see any services advertising Three unlockings or Razer Phone unlockings. I remember seeing somewhere online that all Razer Phones came unlocked out of the box, but is that really true? There's little to no articles online about unlocking these phones so that would suggest to me that they're all unlocked but I want to know in advance. Thanks!

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1 Reply

I would imagine that the phone would be unlocked as Razer don't really work with any UK telecoms. If I am wrong with this all you will have to do is contact Three, they will most likely ask you to get a Pay as You go SIM, this will allow them to then unlock the phone using that telephone number. As said before though, its unlikely that the phone is locked!