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Suggestion for Razer: Skip 10, crank it up to 11

As the latest security patch update confirms, Razer has not abandoned the Phone 2 (yet). However, it's been nearly a year since the official release of Android 10 (September 2019), and we still don't have a confirmation one way or the other if the Phone 2 will get the OS update.

My suggestion? At this point, might as well forget about Android 10, and just jump to Android 11.

Granted, I don't know if this is technically possible or not... I would think it is, but I'm not an expert in this field. I don't even think a version skip has been done in an official capacity by any Android phone manufacturer (could be wrong). Just that I feel that given how long it's been, any effort towards updating the Phone 2 to Android 10 would be better used towards Android 11 instead, giving a longer lifespan to the device.

Additionally, along with an OS update, there are some big issues that could be fixed along the way:
-Enabling Apt-X/Apt-X HD codec support
-Working with the Google ARCore team to finally add ARcore support officially
-Maybe fixing whatever is causing the speakers to crackle (assuming it's a software issue, not a hardware issue).

I still maintain the belief that the Razer Phone 2 is an incredible phone, it just needs some software love. :)

(oh, and maybe give some love to the Phone 1 users, too!)

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Android 10 is much more likely to happen tbh especially if they already started work on it (fingers crossed)

Your points are something i've been bitching about for ages (especially APT-X) but unless we see a RP3 I doubt it'll ever happen.
They likely have a contract to outsource the next few updates. Explains why the security fixes have been so prompt--they aren't being rolled out by Razer.

The overwhelming likely scenario is that Razer is not working on an OS update for the phone.