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Weird A/V stuttering with some games after last update

  • 23 April 2020
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Now I just ran into a strange issue this morning. Went to use an emulator (yaba sanshiro from the play store) and noticed it was stuttering really bad in the intro video. Ok, no issue, blamed the rom (that I backed up myself) and closed the app.

Then went to play Ys 2 complete (dot emu version, native android app) and had the same issue. Ys 1 complete, same issue...

Strange.... now it gets stranger. When I fire up any of the above 3, tap home and open another and it works fine. if I close the apps (force close or swipe up from home and swipe the games away) and reopen it, the same stuttering happens, wash rinse repeat.

It doesn't happen in all games, but the games mentioned above and it doesn't matter if the game is on the SD card or internal memory.
anyone ever see something like this? I'm slowly going to go through all the games I have on the phone, but yeah, just a strange thing to pop up.

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