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[NEWS] Razer #1 Laptop Mag Tech Support Showdown

  • 6 September 2022
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Hello friends,

Congratulations Razer.🐍
My equipment are first and second, I have Lenovo screen. :eek_:

I hope Samsung will make progress on their side, because their score is really low.
I'm sure they can invest in quality assurance and customer satisfaction.
It's win/win strategy for everyone.

Razer you are the best.🏆
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Nice! Thanks to Razer Support Team!
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Surprise Surprise !
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But the produce is not durable
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Support wise is good
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Congratulations to everyone in the team!
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Badge +1
It's always great to see improvement!
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There's always room for improvement.
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Heyh yo!
Congrats team!!!!
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Nice Job!!!
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"Did it again" :big_grin_: