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What is your favorite video game to play

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Apex Legends for sure

PUBG Mobile is my favorite game to play in day and night....Its a totally enjoyable game evewr
Apex Legends
Call of duty, The last of us, Uncharted, Dying light 2 cyrrently :smile_:
GTA 5 is my favorite!
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Paper Mario : The Origami King
I like to play call of duty games, black ops 2 was the best! But if I want to play with my family and have fun, its gotta be Nintendo games! The ones I played the most was Mario kart and Mario tennis.
Je suis fan fini de POKEMON . Pokemon go est maladif pour moi lol j'y joue tous les jours depuis 4ans mais j'ai mon compte depuis le lancement en 2016. Je suis collectionneuse figurines cartes .... Sinon tout les jeux Pokémon sur la switch et les vieux hit de ma génération Nintendo.
Fortnite is the best game to play.....I spend a lot of money on Fortnite
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Super Mario - all games.
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Monster Hunter. Probably one of the best game series there is.
hard to choose only one game. Probably it's GTA5
Call of duty, gta 5 and Fall Guys recently
I play a small variety of things; Outriders, Payday2, Forza 5, NFS: Heat, Portal2, but by FAR my main is Elite: Dangerous.

Probably Minecraft Java Edition. I mostly play Bedwars on Hypixel.

Minecraft, especially when my friends are online.

Same here!

minecraft (hypixel) if friends online or superhot

Cool! Same here.
I'll go with the classic Minecraft, but I've been getting into other games too. Also, I love that you used a stock photo lol.
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My favorite game is god of war ragnarek, I don't know what could be better.
In the past, I really didn't have any favorite video games to point out much. But now that I had time to think about it, it would be Galaga for me.
Probably Mc or Forza Horizon 5 rn...
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i like making games more then playing them

but if i need to choose i would choose minecraft
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My favorite video game to play is Valorant

I totally agree with you on Minecraft being a great game, especially when you have friends to play with.

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Warcraft III

Call of duty, The last of us, Uncharted and GTA

Hi there. I love Minecraft😎