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what's your favorite scary movie, casey?

so i love love love a good horror movie and there is not enough spooky chat on this forum, so here i am to provide it. what horror movies are you all into?

my favs are Suspiria (the OG), Nightmare on Elm St. (the OG also), Get Out, and ABCs of Death 2.

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If you want to something scare you 😛 Just go to MacLaren or Ferrari store you look at at price and you will be scare for a long time :P

For movies and horror in this category the best are japan productions they know how to scre people when you dont expect it 😛 Look at Ring or Shutter.
There are not so many films that really can be scared. I like The Conjuring
'The Thing' (1982)

It does a great job of making you feel helpless and paranoid along with the characters. It keeps you guessing throughout most of the film and has one of the best scenes of all time in it, for what my opinion is worth. Also the set design is good and the special effects are almost unmatched, especially considering that this film is 36 years old. A true classic in every sense of the word.
This is a loaded topic :big_grin_: