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[AXON] Axon Create - Create Your Own Wallpapers

  • 29 September 2023
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[AXON] Axon Create - Create Your Own Wallpapers
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Create Your Own Wallpapers

Axon Create, a suite of easy-to-use tools to create wallpapers yourself and add Chroma effects to them. Wallpapers are made in 3 easy steps without the need for technical knowledge.


Step 1

Use the Axon Create AI word prompt to turn text into an HD quality image.


Step 2

Generate Matching Chroma Effects. Chroma Generate detects colors in your image and suggests matching effects.


Step 3

Apply Effects. Once you have the image and effects you want, apply them to your desktop.

Download Axon now to get started!

2 Replies


is there any information on the finetune models?  I cant find the full descriptions and when I use the one I think would match my input I get something that’s nothing like my input.