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Razer Axon Dynamic Wallpapers - Freeze between cycles

  • 19 November 2023
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I was using the razor software for a while and very about it. Bu today i see that my wallpaper has very common freezes. I generally use Razer Abstarcs dynamic wallpapers and never had a problem. But nowadays, there is a big delay between the dynamic wallpaper cycles. I mean that when the dynamic wallpaper played for full length, there is a very noticable freeze while restarting the cycle. It was smooth before.

I tried every fix possible. Made clean re-install of app, changed the assigned GPU to app, changed disk location of wallpapers, installed wallpapers at every resolution, updated every driver and windows update etc. 

I think there may be a problem because it is unusable right now. I was very happy with my dynamic wallpapers :( Can anyone help me about this issue?

3 Replies

i have the same issue!

same problem here dude. does anyone have a solution to this? i dont think thats bcoz of a specific program in my pc.

Same problem here, RAZER come on please fix it, patch it, etc. I can’t use Axon as my screensaver any more because it’s now burning my screens being frozen… Using a RTX 3500 Ada GPU (and I’m an NVIDIA employee, the irony)