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Razer Axon on internal graphics card

  • 14 March 2023
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Hi everyone. I love Axon as it offers amazing visual options for Chroma devices and makes the whole setup with monitor, all peripherals and my Middle Tower with Chroma Controller controlling the RGB stuff inside a one cool solid animation stand.

BUT I was very surprised by the load on GPU that Axon produces. It’s floating from 3-4% up to 20-25% of GTX3080 :-)

The idea is to set Axon to use only the internal graphics to free up GTX’s resources.

I managed to force RazerAxon.exe and RazerAxon.Player.exe to use Intel graphics, but still there’s plenty of load on GTX. Did anyone solve this? What’s the whole list of executables to be forced to use internal graphics to perform my solution?

P.S. It seems (and I hope my idea could help) to be a very logical solution for Razer software development team to make this an option in Axon’s UI so that user can choose which GPU to use OR to make a guide on the topic.

1 Reply

I have a blade 14 2023. When I tried to optimize the battery life,  I also found that Axon runs the discrete graphics. Hope razer will update Axon and let users choose which GPU to run the wallpapers.