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Chroma SDK beginner

  • 24 January 2019
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I'd like to create a chroma profile/app that shows in my keyboard lights how much battery my mouse has. I've been searching in developer portal, github... but i'm not been able to find any kind of parameter/atribute such as Device.Mouse.Battery.

Am I trying an impossible? Is there some kind of wiki with all attributes/classes/parameter I could use?

I left you a pseudocode example of what I want, maybe someone else already did it or know how to do it:

if (mouse.battery > 90%){keyboard.key("F9"}.color = RED
if (mouse.battery > 80%){keyboard.key("F8"}.color = RED
if (mouse.battery > 70%){keyboard.key("F7"}.color = RED
if (mouse.battery > 60%){keyboard.key("F6"}.color = RED
if (mouse.battery > 50%){keyboard.key("F5"}.color = RED
if (mouse.battery > 40%){keyboard.key("F4"}.color = RED
if (mouse.battery > 30%){keyboard.key("F3"}.color = RED
if (mouse.battery > 20%){keyboard.key("F2"}.color = RED
if (mouse.battery > 10%){keyboard.key("F1"}.color = RED

This way I have only to look wich Funtion key is red in order to know how much battery my mouse have.

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