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Core X Chroma + Ethernet + MacOS

  • 20 June 2019
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I bought a Core X Chroma based on reviews. Easily got it up and running with a Radeon VII with no additional drivers.

Ethernet isn't working and I now see that the Core X Chroma support page says ethernet isn't supported (though the review I read said that Razer had committed to making a driver available).

Is there something I can do to get it working?


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6 Replies

I don't have a macbook or the razer core chroma to trouble shoot this. But, I did some digging on I found a thread where someone has the Core Chroma and a Macbook Pro 13. No direct confirmation on if there was a fix for the ethernet port as in the forum they do mention there seems to be a firmware update coming out at some point.

The last post on the forum mentions he has MacOS 10.14.5 installed and it link speed is 100Mbit/s? Not very clear if he has his working or not. So it might be worth asking one of those gents over there if it's working or not. Hopefully someone from support can chime in as I can't see any driver updates on the Razer site either.
I went there, installed the update, still have all kinds of issues with the ethernet port... Pretty silly as that was one of the selling points.
hey @jtandberg what issues are you having with yours? I just got mine all set up today, I can get it working for about 5 minutes, but then when I push a lot of data through it, it just kinda stops, unplug the ethernet cable and put it back in and again it'll work for a minute or two and then it all grinds to a halt again. I've raised a ticket with razer who've said it's not an isolated incident and they're trying to get a fix for it.
Exactly the same thing. I did the whole driver install thing and still the same. Runs perfect for a minute or two then totally craps out. It's a bummer because the ethernet was the reason I chose the Chroma over the regular X...
I wonder, could you take out their ethernet/USB card and put in a 10gb ethernet card?
I wonder, could you take out their ethernet/USB card and put in a 10gb ethernet card?

Yeah you probably could, but I've no doubt that'll negate any warranty you had! I have removed the cable for the annoying/fabulous lighting though, it's great for about 2 minutes and then becomes distracting.

I've not heard anything from Razer yet but have been assured they're trying to get this fixed, in the meantime I've just bought a small thunderbolt hub with ethernet adapter from Amazon which works great and gets me the maximum of 400mb down that my provider currently offers.

I wonder if the issue with the onboard ethernet is something to do with a memory flush? Like it's not forgetting what's loaded in to it, but by unplugging the cable and then putting it back in that refreshes it and it'll work again until it hits a certain amount again? It's very odd. I'm also now tempted to try a USB-A to ethernet adapter in one of the USB ports on the back of it, just to see if that works.