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GameDog [v5.0] - Chroma for CS:GO and DOTA2

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GameDog Chroma Game Integrations

Currently Supports:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2

Current Version: 2.4

Old Beta Version: 3.7
Download: HERE

New Beta Version: 5.0

DOTA2 INFO: With a recent Update Valve disabled the gameintegration per default cause of performance issues for some users who didn't even know about it. This can be reenabled by adding "-gamestateintegration" to the launch settings.

How to Install:

  • Download latest Version from the Razer Workshop or the GameDog Thread.
  • Install GameDog
  • Open Synapse and make sure Chroma Apps are enabled under the "Chroma Apps -> Settings" Tab
  • Start GameDog
  • Make sure your Chroma Devices play a Green Animation and then return back to your default Profile.
  • Make sure under Settings in GameDog the Directory to your Game is set correctly.
  • Minimize GameDog. It will stay open in the Tray Bar.
  • Start your Game and GameDog should receive Data and change the lighting accordingly.
  • After playing GameDog will revert the Keyboard back to your Synapse Profile


If you feel like donating something I'd be very happy:
Either via Paypal
or via
Steam Tradeoffer
Thank you very much!


- 5.0

  • Full rewrite, New UI, improved performance
  • Fixed Bug causing "SDK not found" error on start
  • Fixed Bug with HttpRequestException

- 2.4

  • CS:GO: Fixed Crash


  • Workaround for slow updates caused by Valves broken API

- 2.0 (Just a minor Bugfix release to internal Version 5895)

  • Dota 2: Fix passive items lighting up as a Key

- 2.0

  • Allows staying in the Background
    That means GameDog does NOT turn yellow anymore. Once you start gamedog it plays a starting animation (Green light running along all Devices). After that GameDog returns to your default Synapse profile! This behaviour can be changed in Settings but is activated by default. Make sure to MINIMIZE the Window (it moves to the tray) and do NOT close the Window as that closes GameDog completly.

  • Start with Windows
    Makes the above actually useful. It makes GameDog start with Windows in the Background. You can now also start GameDog with the Parameter "/StartMinimized" which will Minimize gamedog right to the tray. It WON'T play any starting animation in that mode and won't initialize Chroma until you actually start a Game!

  • Import and Export of Assignments to share with Friends!
    With the Export and Import Buttons in the Assignments view you can get a JSON (Text) representation of your Assignments you can save as Textfile if you want to switch between profiles. Just click on Export and then click on "ok" to make GameDog copy everything into your clipboard. Now you can store this in your own Textfile for later use and just copy and paste it into the Box that appears when you click on "Import".

    But that not enough!

    You can also enter URLs to textfiles that are then downloaded so you can host your profile via any text file hosting service.

  • Single-time Key Flash for Game Values
    Allows you to let a Key flash for a moment if a Value changes (for example your HP drops or your Ammo drops)

  • Complete Dota Support
    Support for Ability Cooldowns, Item Cooldowns, Buyback (only if the money is enough...the cooldown isn't checked, sorry), Status Effects, Day- and Nightclock...if there is anything you want, please let me know.

  • New Devices added
    Keypads (tested with Orbweaver) and Headsets (Razer Kraken) are now supported!
    Keys for the Keypad are set similar to the Keyboard Keys and the Headset is a on/off switch as it can only show one state. The Headset is not very fast as it fades from one color to the other so some things might not work as expected!

  • CS:GO Changes
    Bombtimer moved to 40 Seconds. Added grenades as Game Value.

  • Better Game Lookup (Thanks njbmartin!)
    Games are now found even outside of the Steam Folder within a Steam Library.

- 1.2

  • Added better Error Handling for internal Server instead of swallowing Errors. If something doesn't work please send me the Logfile (GameDog.txt) available in: %AppData%\\GameDog\\logs
  • Fixed an issue that caused (caught) Exceptions when wearing a Knife. Preventing spam on the logfile.


  • Fixed an issue where Synapse won't recognize GameDog as a Chroma App if SDK is not enabled. Giving users the posibility to enable the SDK in Synapse if it's the only Chroma App ever.

- 1.0

  • Official Release

- 0.11

  • Fixed Version after SDK update

- 0.10

  • Support for Firefly and Mamba TE! (Thanks Razer for the support!)
  • Removed MANY of the plugins like Health and Armor and replaced it with a single "Two Color" Plugin where you can choose which Game Value to be used. One Plugin for Health, Armor etc.

  • Added a Countdown Plugin which works similar as the above but disables one key after theother (100% means all glowing, 0% means 1 key glowing). That's helpful as the requested Bombcountdown as an example. (See the Bomb Countdown default assignment)

  • Added an "Active Weapon Clip/Max" Game Value.

  • Changed the way Keymappings are done a bit to make it slightly more obvious which Keys are selected.

  • Added ChromaXML for Synapse support.

  • Minimizing to Tray. Even so Colore added support for Uninit the Razer SDK doesn't seem to support apps running in the background and just using the SDK when they need to yet. But it's being looked into.( )
  • Added a text to make Doubleclick as well as rearranging Assigments more prominent
  • I probably forgot something...

- 0.5

  • Limited Dota support!
  • Effects are back
  • Stats screen removed for now
  • Assignments work like layers on top of each other and can be rearranged via Drag and Drop. Highest priority is at the bottom.
  • "Fill Color" makes the whole Keyboard light up
  • "Menu and Typing" makes the Keyboard light up completly in menu (Orange by default) and while typing in chat(white)
  • Added a "Flash below" property allowing to define a value below that point when they Key should flash
  • Assignments can be named
  • Colors can be choosen via a Color Picker
  • Bombtime is customizable
  • Better Description for Assignment Properties
  • Keys can be ordered
  • Performance improvments

- 0.4

  • Fixed Steam Search, Added Custom CS:GO Folder in Settings
  • Fixed Crashes
  • Detecting if no SDK is installed
  • Added Custom Colors and Changed how Assignments are made
  • Added new Function: "Kill Counter (Test)"
  • Temporarily Removed Effects Flashed, Smoked and Burning. They will be back again.
  • Introduced Crash and Application Logs

It's using the great Colore C# Chroma SDK Library!

What it is right now (besides Buggy and Ugly (not that much anymore) for now):

  • Using official CS:GO API to read out stats (same API GameSense uses)
  • Following effects can be displayed on the Keyboard

  • Flashed
  • Smoked
  • Burning

  • Keys can be assigned to the following "Functions":

  • Static Color (Displayed in one color all the time)
  • Two Colors (Displays a Game Value in a range from 0 to 100% (or true/false as 0 and 100%) and fades between two Colors. If the percent drops below the "Flash below percent" the Key or Mouse(pad) side will start flashing either in the Color defined via Flash Color or if that one is transparent in the Color defined via Color Start and Color End. Every Game Value that does not include "Percent" is displayed either as 0% or as 100% depending on the true/false state of the Value.)
  • Count Down Colors (Same as Two Colors but makes the Assigned Keys or Mouse(pad) sides light up in the defined order depending on the percentage)
  • Effect: x (Makes the whole Keyboard light up for an Effect, White for flash, Grey for smoke and red for Burning)
  • Kill Counter (Sets Keys one after another for each Kill the player did this round. This means if there are 5 Keys assigned and the player got 2 Headshots and one normal Kill, then 2 of the 5 Keys will light up in the HeadshotColor, one will light up in the KillColor one one will light up in the NoneColor
  • Bomb (Fades Keys from ColorStart to ColorEnd within 35 Seconds. Then switches to ColorDefusable (defusable with Def-Kit) for 5 Seconds before going to ColorNonDefusable)
  • Roundphase (Displays Freezetime (FreezetimeColor), Live (PlayingColor) or unknown (UndefinedColor) state of the current round on Keys)
  • Menu and Typing (Lights up the whole Keyboard depending if the user is Typing or in Menu)

  • If CS:GO or Dota is installed outside of the Steam Folder then go to settings and change the CS:GO Folder or Dota Folder Settings Key.

I really hope to get some feedback and hope people like that.

Is it useful and would you like to see more from this Project?

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When i try to download it, my Antivirus says that there was a virus. anybody else?
Would like explanation as i don't think there is an 'actual' virus in there but just some program that would trigger any Antivirus program.

Have you tried the signed one and what AV are you using? The Setup I'm using for the 3.6 Version is packing everything into one exe file and that can cause AVs to trigger...I tried to sign it but that still might cause issues. And that's also the reason why I haven't pushed it as the main Version yet.

GG i just got new razer and spotted this and instally after booting csgo on i got vac banned. Thanks now i just lost 100$ inventory and Lem 980h account!

Definently not recommended on Valve vac anticheat protected servers!

I'm sorry to say that but GameDog is using an official API to read out's in no way "hacking" into CS:GO except for creating a small config file that tells CS:GO to send data to GameDog. Also GameDog is used by at least more then 1500 Users per day and you're the only one EVER reporting something like that. You should have kept your fingers away from cheats...
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Hi. I've been working on a new GameDog Version for the last days. It's a complete rewrite and also supports OpenRGB. It's still pretty much untested but maybe someone would like to give it a try.

This version also fixes issues with new builds where a new registry was created.

A workaround to use current GameDog is described here:
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Hi @WolfspiritM,
Mamba Elite works well with it. Hunstman Elite applicable?

I'm using a Huntsman Elite. So that should work fine, too. Only issue is that the kill counter is using Maco keys by default which aren't available on the huntsman elite. That can be changed in the assignment editor. The Chroma SDK sadly doesn't provide an easy way to figure out what device is connected, but I'm still looking into a way to set the correct defaults somehow.
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I updated GameDog.
- New and Modern UI. (I could only test on Windows 10 but it should work on Windows 8(.1), too. I'm not sure about Windows 7). I hope you guys from Razer don't mind my Theme choice (dark grey + green). As the tool is for the Chroma I thought that colors fit ;)
- Made an Installer(portable zip file is still available).
- I started to use version numbers. (0.1 for now as it's still early alpha) Version Numbers showing in the Titlebar.
- A new "Stats" Page for CS:GO shows Live Stats (if CS:GO is running). There is a little bug with the live stats as the Rounds for a team might only show if the team has more won rounds then 0 especially when GameDog is restarted while already playing. Player Score shows Kills, Assists, Deathes in that order.


CS2 released. Guys, need to change the path to game in GameDog settings:

Old path: Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\

New path: Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\game

It helps for me.

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Hi. Sorry for the delay.

Here is a new Version 6.0 which should also support CS2. I’ve not tested Dota2 with it yet (if someone can give it a try that would be great).

I also dropped x86 support as I don’t think that’s relevant anymore and I updated most of the dependencies.

If you have issues when starting it then try installing the .net 7 runtime. I will try to bundle the runtime with gamedog at some time.


Please let me know if there are any issues.


EDIT: If something doesn’t work and you have to go back to 5.0 here is the 5.0 version:

Hi. Sorry for the delay.

Here is a new Version 6.0 which should also support CS2. I’ve not tested Dota2 with it yet (if someone can give it a try that would be great).

I also dropped x86 support as I don’t think that’s relevant anymore and I updated most of the dependencies.

If you have issues when starting it then try installing the .net 7 runtime. I will try to bundle the runtime with gamedog at some time.


Please let me know if there are any issues.


EDIT: If something doesn’t work and you have to go back to 5.0 here is the 5.0 version:

i never post on forums, but i legit created an account to thank you for this. i just got my Govee light strips in and they work seamlessly with this new update. few things are a bit weird but it does what i want it to do :) thank you so so so much. this quite literally transformed my room. whether you update it or not, ill be here :)

good dday i cant download the game dog  :(

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closing gamedog or razersynapse doesn't help either

Hi. What hardware do you use? Do you use multiple devices and does it freeze on all of them at the same time?

Is the mamba TE supported for the bomb timer counter?

That's not possible yet sadly. I think I will get this working with GameDog 3 🙂
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dude..i have deathstalker chroma but its not working when i opened dota2..can u help me to fix this..i already follow all the instruction but still...

What doesn't work? Deathstalker chroma only has zones. Take a look here:

can i have the files too much too edit for me please 😃 thanks

Maybe I will do that for another Version.

Why Every Time I Open GameDog If Always Tell Me To Update When I Already Update it

According to your screenshot it didn't update (Titlebar says 2.1). Try uninstalling and installing the latest Version. Not sure why the update doesn't work for you.
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This week I wanted to play again and I realize that with gamedog the game has a lot of peaks and fps drops.. is anyone with this issue?

I don't notice any FPS and Peaks myself.
You can try switching to the fallback server in the settings (or back if that is already the one you're using). Maybe that will work better.
I know there is a possible CPU issue as right now I'm using a "bug" in the CS:GO integration to force constant updates as the CS:GO integration is broken on Valve's end and only updates slowly. But now it's "spamming" me with updates.

However: If the fallback server doesn't work please get in contact with me via Steam ( and I would like to give you a test build as I was working on a way to minimize the load even so it's spamming with updates.
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i had tested all i can think about and i still have the same problem.

If everything doesn't work try uninstalling Synapse via Programs and Features AND also uninstall "Razer Chroma SDK Core Components" before reinstalling Synapse from
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Hello Wolfspirit, im having the same issue as Levi, my deathadder chroma mouse get freezed while im playing too, its kinda annoying, the only way to fix this is restarting the computer. Right now i will try to change the settings and try dota 2 again. ill give you a reply soon, thanks!

Let me give it a go and let you know

@jongri had the same problem and messaged me earlier and told me that he and @njbmartin might have found a fix for this! You could try if that fixes it for you, too!

Open Synapse, Select your Deathadder and in the top row click on Stats. Wait for it to load. There click on the Cog at the top right. In there disable the "Data Tracking". I don't think it's needed but to make sure the service isn't causing issues anymore I'd restart the computer and try again afterwards.

I really hope that fixes it!
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@ruNrr What GameDog Version are you using right now? Try using 3.6 if you haven't: (Also please let me know if the setup works for you or if something fails)

Do you use a custom GameDog profile?
If you update from a previous Version of GameDog you might want to click on "Reset" at the bottom of the Assignments for your game.
The default profile does have for:
CS:GO - Shows alive red/green
Dota2 - Current Hero color

I'm planning to update the default profile to include some more dynamic stuff...
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Tartarus support for health, ammo, etc?

Orbweaver Support coming 🙂 Should also work for Tartarus then
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Ok gamedog it kinda works but the mana colors blends in and creates a new color and the E and R buttons doesnt work I have a Blackwidow V2

I've not used GameDog with Dota for a while and will give it a try this weekend I think.

is 3.6 the latest version? btw does it work with the hdk?

Yes 3.6 is the latest one and it does support the HDK via ChromaLink.
A few posts earlier I described how to set up Hue to work with GameDog. The same thing applies to HDK, too :)

May i know which razer keyboard can use for GAMEDOG?
>Razer blackwidow ultimate chroma?
>Razer ornata chroma?
>Razer blackwidow x chroma?

There is no "Blackwidow Ultimate Chroma" as far as I know. It works with all Chroma Keyboards but there are a few that might not work very well. I've tested Ornata and Blackwidow V1 and V2 without issues. I'm pretty sure Blackwidow X will work very similar. I wasn't able to test Cynosa yet. What I wouldn't get is a Deathstalker as it only supports different light zones instead of each key being a different color.
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What is this?

its just a Blackwidow chroma
its just a Blackwidow chroma

ok thank you
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When i intall and open game dog just stop
responding i try reintall but same im using win10
,plz help and fix tnx~

Please make a screenshot of what you can see. Also make sure to allow GameDog in your firewall and try starting as administrator as that might help, too.

it wont open in my mac book pro

Razer Chroma is only working on Windows. GameDog is a Windows application. Sorry.

Huỳnh Anh Tuấn
Is it avalable for Razer Blackwidow X Chroma?

Yes. According to Razer the Blackwidow X Chroma is working like the normal Chroma except for the Macro Keys.

Make an extension for CS1.6 and Diablo 3, it would be much appreciated.
Or release source code for CSGO and DOTA so others can use it as a helping guide

CS1.6 does not have that kind of API to read out data from the game. I'm not sure about Diablo 3 but I think that's the same problem.
Please see here: /request-chroma-support-for-insert-game-mega-thread.11859/
GTA V ? it's a pity that it never gets updated until this time
Hey man!

With one of the new dota updates the day/night cycle has now changed to every 5 mins

any chance the timer on the keypad can be changed to every 5 mins? or even if anybody can help me with changing this

Work with Huntsman Elite, just follow instructions.
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Is the blackwidow chroma tournament edition is working for this? Or only normal version.

Except for the Macro Keys that aren't on the TE...yes

make one for Tom Clancy's Game, like Tom Clancy's The Division, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands on the up coming game

Please post your game request HERE. It all depends on the Game if it's possible or not.

Yes i've exactly the same bug (For Keyboard / and mouse too)

What synapse does when a Chroma Apps closes is completly up to Synapse :/

I wish there was a way to make the startup light animation for GameDog keep going on a loop. I tried to recreate it in the Razer light configurator, but it doesn't work.

@BlackWorx is working on a Fileformat for Chroma Animations as well as an Animation Studio to create Animations much easier and much more powerful then the Configurator. I'm very sure that will get a way to play that Animations in the background. I can then give you that Animation as a file.

For anyone thinking GameDog might be "dead":
I'm currently working on a "completly" rewritten Version of GameDog for Version 3. I don't have any ETA yet but HERE is a (older) template of the new GUI if interested 🙂 It will have an easier way to assign Keys and LEDs to ingame events / status by just clicking the Key.
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Any kind of error directly or in eventviewer? Try downloading again. Seems like I forgot to integrate the config file. That might have cause issues if there is none available yet....Sorry
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but nothing happens

If there isn't any reaction as soon as you start GameDog (Green loading animation) then there is something wrong with the connection to Chroma. Can you try getting a simple app like "Snake for Chroma" from the Chroma Workshop and see if that works?

I'm not sure why but in some cases it helps to uninstall the Chroma SDK and Synapse and reinstall them to make them work again.