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How do you turn on chroma game integration?

  • 15 February 2019
  • 4 replies

Before a new update, my lancehead te would light up to fortnite (For example, turn purple when I go into the storm.) Now, they just use my default profile. How do you fix this?

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4 Replies

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See if this fixes it, Fortnite should show up in the list and maybe it's off
Oh! In the Synapse tab, there was a thing that said Chroma Connect! I just installed that and it works! Thank you!
That's weird, I don't have the connect option. I also don't have the Chroma HDK option, and I have the hue option and you don't. I dont have a razer mousemat or keyboard, so those aren't there.
Before the update (I don't know which one, but I just updated Synapse), I had a Chroma tab and under that it said apps. Now the chroma tab is changed to studio, but it doesn't have the apps listed.