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I am so Confused! Please Help Explain!

  • 6 October 2019
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So here is the thing. My Brother owns the Razer blade 15. I tried out Razer Chroma Visualizer instead of using studio Like we always do. I absolutely loved it so I told him about it. So he set it all up and everthing. His LAPTOP KEYBOARD not his ornata, It is showing different colors on the keyboard. Basically like a wave function. But here is the kicker, He is using the base model. It should only be able to show one color at a time. Also, for His headphones, He uses the Tiamat's with the chroma in the ears, The one where you can see inside. And They run on Synapse 2. But they are going with the lighting effects of his other stuff which runs on synapse 3. I am certainly not complaing… this is awesome. But am I just having a moment and this is completely normal?

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5 Replies

Maybe razer just gave you a free upgrade.. 😃
That's normal. The visualiser runs on the chroma ask so any device on Synapse 2 or 3 that is chroma compatible will sync and run it
Somethings isn't right here tho. It is the Razer blade 15 Base model. I just looked on the website, and it says that the Base model has Single-Zone RGB. Therefore it should not even be able to produce The wave function. SO that means that he has a base model that is backlit? Am I right?
Yes, even if it is single zone, using the sdk will allow it more lighting options. Thats how the wave effect happens with the visualizer, because its using the sdk at that moment. (open task manager and check out the active processes from razer if you dont believe me, there will be something called "Chroma SDK" something)
Ohhhh ok. Thanks for explaining that. I was really struggling with this lol. Don't worry I have no reason not to believe you.:smile_: