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MSI Mobo with 2 ARGB headers - control individually with Razer Chroma?

  • 10 February 2021
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Hi, this is my first post here, please be gentle.

So the plan is this:
Buy a MSI Motherboard that has two 5V ARGB headers (like MSI MPG B550 Gaming Carbon WIFI for example), sync it with Razer Synapse so i can control the two motherboard ARGB headers via Chroma Studio.

Question is:
Will Chroma studio allow me to control these two ARGB headers individually or will i only be able to see one "MSI device", so both headers can only be controlled at once?

If i will be able to control them individually, will i be able to detect/change the number of LEDs per header?
(Like it is possible for the six headers of the Razer Chroma addressable RGB controller.)

If i will not be able to control them individually, is there any other way to detect/change the number of LEDs per header?
(I have not used MSI Mystic Light before, only have experimented with ASUS Aura so far)

So maybe some of you own an MSI Motherboard with two 5V ARGB headers and can tell me what is possible and what is not.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Bro,
I have a MSI MPG X570Gaming Edge Wifi. At the beginning I used the RGB headers of the motherboard, but in Synapse you don't get the possibility to control the headers individually. In addition, I had the problem that the devices on the MB headers flickered more often when controlled via Synapse and sometimes the effects were "restarted" several times in quick succession. The same problem also occurred when I controlled the MB headers via Dragoncenter and Synapse was running at the same time.
So I decided to use the Chrome RGB Controller for the control. Note here, however, that only one controller can operate.
It's the only way to control every LEDs individually by Chrome RGB Controller for now.
No this does not work! Do not make the same mistake I did. First of all you have to use the awful MSI bloatware (it's really bad), and then you only have very simple, and buggy control of ALL or nothing with super standard non ARGB (RGB only) effects.

Apparently ASUS is also the same. Not sure if any actually work the way you'd expect and like it to.

I'm sure Razer wants you to spend two to three times more for their new Razer motherboards............

I think it's an artificial restriction as well as OpenRGB allows you to control as ARGB with individual LEDs working without MSI bloatware running, but it has only limited effects it seems, still it's a good sign.

Razer RGB controller does not allow for you to control RAM or motherboard LEDs.