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Running iCue components on a Razer Chroma Mobo

  • 5 August 2022
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My main concern on the build is just connected to managing the RGB under one software and while I'd prefer iCue because I like the UI and customization. But while I was doing research, I came across things about workarounds because as I had already known that different rgb standards don't like to work together. Some of these work around included using adapters (as some have different pin connectors etc.) But I have also run across suggestions with SignalRGB as an all in one solution. However, I am not 100% certain the mobo is supported by SignalRGause I'm their main board list that ASRock boards are limited to "ASRock USB-Controlled Boards" and I am not 100% certain that particular board is USB-Controlled since I didn't see any documentation through ASRock on any of their boards that omegle support aRGB.

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