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Can't connect Cortex to xbox game pass download......

  • 18 May 2020
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I have downloaded a couple games from my game pass account. I use Razer Cortex to start my games. One of the games Razer Cortex has recognised and automatically added it to it's library, however the second game hasn't been. I tried to add it manually by using the .exe file, but I can't find it anywhere; in fact I can't find any of the files for the game at all.

Firstly, why does Razer Cortex recognise one game and not the other, and secondly, where has the other game downloaded to so I can see the .exe file.

Thanks for your help.

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XBox Game Pass for PC stores files/folders in janky, Windows Store/App-like directories with assigned(elevated) permissions and/or encryption keys.

To get an idea of what I'm talking about, check your \\\\WindowsApps or \\\\WpSystem folders. You'd have to change ownership to even be able to see the entire contents...and doing that completely is a giant PITA and who knows what problems may occur.

Your best bet is to use the XBox PC App for your subscription games until Razer plugs Cortex into the XBox App/Microsoft DRM API - that's the only really safe, headache-free way. If you really just hate the XBox App (Like me)...your best alternative right now is GOG Galaxy 2.0 or newer. It plugs into the XBox App/Microsoft DRM API the right way and displays all the games correctly.

You're probably like me - I want a single, unified app to use to launch all my games - regardless of where I purchased them or what DRM they use. I'm hoping Razer gets Cortex plugged into them all. Then I can start removing all these weak sauce apps.