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Cortex game boost breaks COD infinite warfare ?

With auto boost selected and enabled, there is a weird mouse behaviour with only infinite warfare when the game is launched-likely a bug related to changing the process priority from 'normal' to 'high'. So far the only workable solution is either to remove the game manually from the list of games in cortex, or disable auto boost.
Removing the game from the auto boost list also removes the game from razer synapse,which is a problem because the mouse doesnt switch to the call of duty profile automatically. There's no workaround to removing the game only from razer cortex and still having it linked in synapse to my call of duty profile ! when I remove the game in cortex,it disappears from synpase as well.
2nd option to disable auto boost means you lose the convenience and will have to remember to manually boost via some keyboard shortcut. sometimes manually boosting in-game can lead to random app crashes and I have even had BSOD so have to remember to boost manually before I start any game.
I understand that this is a relatively minor issue but its always nice to have more convenience.
anyone with a fix ?

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