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  • 15 October 2020
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i like this new upgrade
The update is nice, but have one question. Daily achievments do nothing, you just claim them every day?
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It's kinda working.
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Already did, looks fun.
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Honestly the new interface and frames looks really AMAZING !
Hey guys I'm from India. I have been using RAZER Cortex for 11 months, I think. Trust me the Oct 2nd update is insane. I have been using cortex only on my phone. But the thing is, I was rewarded around 4K silver til now only around this month and it was actually fun using it with #Paid-to-play feature. If anyone got any idea of purchasing RAZER products after purchase, just register them in your RAZER account and you'll be rewarded with RAZER silver. You can also redeem these silver points for a RAZER product. They have also introduced these frames for user right now which is even cooler and I personally love the #RAZERCON2020 frame. Why are you guys waiting, just download it to win some fun. #LOVEFROMINDIA
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Already getting use to the software, and quite a JiZZ!!!
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I think it should be doing more besides the circle rim's color, not that iconic for users
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It is a sweet update although it is a bit confuse when first time use this interface
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hope you can use this icon frames on insider or cortex pc! this is a nice addition!