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Cortex: Initiate game stat logging via CLI

  • 22 December 2020
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Hey guys - first post here! ^_^

So, for most of my gaming, I use Playnite ( ) to launch my games as sort of a meta-launcher. It's pretty cool but what I would love to do is to use Cortex to launch with selected games, like Cyberpunk 2077, to track CPU/GPU usage, FPS and alike.

I see two options: Hooking an on-process-launch event to the respective game or wrapping the launch command by prepending the Cortex exe. However, there are a few binaries in the Cortex installation folder and I have no idea which one I would have to use.

I've been a dev for some time now, mostly oriented towards backend and UNIX dev. So, I really am only looking for what of the .exe's is what I need to tell Cortex to track the process of that specific game.

Got an idea? Lemme know! Thanks =)

Kind regards,

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